In summer  of 2009 I attended photography classes. The task for final exam was HAIKU.  I like taking pictures of people and situations, so to fitt Haiku and portraits was a real chalange for me.

I invited my friend Sonata and her son Pijus for a walk in the city with the possibility to take some pictures for the exam. What was every interesting, that I knew the boy for more than one year, but I had never succeeded to take a normal picture of him. We were on the way home. Kids – Pijus and my son Ray – stoped to play by / on the monument to Grand Duke of Lithuania Gediminas. And I catched the moments

IMGP5680 - Version 2 copy

IMGP5703 - Version 2 copy

After these shots we continue to walk towards our cars. It was dark already. Pijus stoped by the street illuminator. I just asked him to look up, I climed on small wall in front of him and made a shot.

IMGP5712 - Version 2 copy

These pictures helped me to be the second in the class. I was very proud of myself .

I put the pictures in the frames and offered for Pijus on his 4th birtday. Well, I am not sure he was very happy to get such kind of gift, but his mom really was. I do believe in 20 years these pictures will have other value for Pijus.


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