In August of 2009 I had a chance to travel to Africa again. Most of the time we stayed in Lomé, the capital of Togo – a small country in Westen Africa. As the life and enviroment are completely different than I am used to, I was taking pictures of everyone and everything.

One day I took my camera and went out for a walk and the same time to talk some pictures. I was walking alone, as I knew the city already. I had so much attention. A lot of people we comming to great me, were giving their telephone numbers. On the way back to the residence we were staying, a girl stoped me touching my hand and saying “photo”, “photo”. After some seconds I was standing in the middle of  the goup of the kids. I looked around and saw the girl’s mom, who was sitting and preparing vegables for a sauce. I asked her if I could take pictures of the kids. She didn’t mind.


I wanted to take picture of the mom too, because the looked very nice – she had the thing, intresting tight on her head from the same  cloth like her dress. For the shot of her she wanted me to pay, but my pockets were empty. I gave only the buiscuits I had in my backpack to the kids. While I was chatting with them, suddenly I rememberd one story, of one lithuanian photographar, who offered the printed picture to the woman, for taking picture of her. So, I agreed with my “models” to send them the pictures after I was back home. We entered their home yard to feel more free.

The photosession started. At first the kids didnt know what to do, and they stand calmly.

IMGP6040 (1)

As I like natural shots, I asked kids to sing or to play. They showed me a whole performance.




I guess their show was sooo noisy, that one of the sisters from the street was back to see what was going on.


 During the break I made some shots

IMGP6068 IMGP6069



Finally, mom


and all together


Finishing this long story, I kept my promice and sent the pictures. During whole year I havn’t any idea if they got the pics. But… in July, 2010 my husband was back to his motherland. I asked him to visit the family and to give a photo album again in case if they haven’t gotten the pictures before. How I was happy to hear, that they got everything I have sent and even wrote a reply. Unfortunatelly the letter didn’t reach me, but my husbant brought the letter for me in person.

It is really great feeling to make somebody happy just with such small thing like offereing some pictures.

It is possible, that next year we will travel again. I believe I will bring a new reportage about this family.


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