At the end of 2009 I decided to make a special gift to my Mom for her bithday. I wanted to offer her the picture of her parents’ house.

She grew up in a village of two houses. My grandfather build the house from the wood of Bathhouse. My mom still remember how they were moving to their new home.

In my childhood I was spending summer time there. I should admit, that I didn’t like staying there, because there were no kids around I could play with. Only my cousin was comming every day on his bike from other village. We were creating games ourselves, but most of the time we were playing cards. The greatest time we have had, when all the mom’s family was gathering for big works of summer. There was a lot of noise, a lot of people with their emotions, a lot of action. It was unforgetable. Once my aunt said “Be happy to come here, because later when you want, there will be nowhere to come”. It is sad, but she was right. The house of grandparents was the place where all the family was geathering. Now everyone lives ones life.

The house is empty and looks very sad without any life. Anyway, one sunny Saturday I said to myself – I am going now, because there will not be any other chance, as sun is not very frequent guest in Lithuania in autumn and winter time.

The village is 70 km away from Vilnius. When I came the sun was almost down. I thought I made this trip in vain. But the mirracle – just after I got out of the car the last sun rays appeared. It was enough to have the shot I wanted


I put this picture in the frame. Mom was really touched to get it, even everything looks very gloomy there.

Everything was chanded during 20 years. Childhood memories didn’t match the reality.

IMGP6770  IMGP6776

The clas-spins were still there even nobody was living for 1 year



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