No matter where you live, who you are – friendship is everywhere the same.


IMGP6238 IMGP6251

All has similar dreams…


I took these pictures one Sunday morning by the church in Lomé, Togo. There was a fiesta nearby. Kids were having fun outside instead of being together with their parents. As I was a stranger with photo camera we used one another. They were doing anything to be photographed. The result – they had my attention, I have their smiles.


8 thoughts on “FRIENDS

  1. Vakare perziuresiu kiek galesiu, foto nuostabios, puikus momentai pagauti, o sitie vaikai tokie spalvingi, dabar supratau kur united colors of benneton atrado ideja sumaisyti spalvas ir skirtingu rasiu modelius. Grazu.


  2. Sugalvojau viena dalyka!!! Kai gaminsiu ka nors afrikietishko, prasysiu vienos foto koliazui, jeigu sutiksi, padarysim food & places koliaza, kur fotografes keliautojos menas susijungs su maisto fotografes menu 😀 inspiruoja!!!!


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