The frist time I went to Togo  in October, 2007. As it was my first trip to Africa (I have been in Egypt before, but african people say it is not Africa), so everything was so interesting and unusual for me, that I was tryting to photograph everything: starting from women carrying things on their heads and finishing with cooking.

We were staying in the village Tohoun at my husband’s father’s home for 5 days. So I had a chance to see how the meal was prepared. Today I would like to present a preparation of African dish “Fufu”. It is a kind of mash made from the vegetable yam .

At first it is necessary to peel it.

EPSON DSC picture

Then you cook it in the water. After it was cooked the vegetables were put in a wooden mortar and mashed with big wooden pestle.


It is hard job, so very often 2 persons do this.


After the youngs finished their job, the hostess made the final control and put the dish into the plate.

IMGP1281 IMGP1283

Fufu goes with any kind of sauces: like tomatoes with smoked fish, tomatoes with chicken or sauce from vegetables. What is the taste? Fufu has a lot of starch, so it remind me patatoes, but I don’t like the texture of it, so I always chose other garnish like rice, ablo or akume.


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