There is a tradition in Lomé, Togo  to spend Sunday’s afternoon at the beach. Of course, nobody is laying and trying to get suntan. The beach was full of people. I saw many photographers who take pictures of the people.



There was a quite big group of young people. They were singing and dancing. It was really impressive how free they were feeling.

IMGP6268 IMGP6270 IMGP6271

  Others just were enjoying the company of their friends or family

IMGP6306  IMGP6295 IMGP6294IMGP6300 IMGP6278 IMGP6261

On working day of a week the beach looks completely different. But I will show you another day.


4 thoughts on “Sunday’s activities

  1. Ziv,Nice pics of yours showing what we left behind.Unfortunatelly we ‘re chasing air in foreign areas whereas true life is waiting for us.Thanx;for your pics remind me of footsteping back.I’ll always remember it


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