During our last visit in Togo, we travelled to Ghana. I was impressed, what a big difference between these two neighbours is.  Accra – the capital of Ghana – remind me European cities with numbers of cars and traffics of several hours, large supermarkets, fast food restaurants. By the way they are supposed to be a luxury place to eat (unfortunately). Actually we were more interested to see and try unique things of Ghana. We were staying in a small, cosy hotel further from the centre. The food was incredibly good. The Chef of the restaurant cared about us personally – he was coming to ask how we liked the dish, after lunch he was wondering what we would like to eat in the evening.

The last day of our visit we went to the market.


I guess you will never see so many colours.


Salesmen know their job very well, they can tell the stories about how the cloth was done, what the meaning of any weave is. They just wait for you.


 It was not possible to resist I wanted to buy more and more.

However, not colours, but people made the biggest impression on me – I have never seen people so PROUD OF THEIR COUNTRY. I would like to be back there to feel again this positive energy.


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