Do you remember Sunday’s Activities? On working days the beach looks completely different. You can meat people who are working or just don’t have what to do. But mostly there are very few people on the beach.

The first who we met it was an old fish man. I guess he had enough experience how to treat tourists. He came to as and without ceremonies asked money for the possibility to take picture of him.  I was not prepared for such situation. But then I thought – why not?


The other men continued their job and didn’t pay too much attention to us. This is I like the most – when I can observe from the distance.





Later we saw a girl sitting on the sand. It was strange that she was alone in the beach. They say it is unsafe place even for local people.



Fortunately we haven’t had any incidents.  As it is dangerouse to swim in the sea because of big waves, our son could take advantage of  “sea of sand”



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