I will never stop admiring people who can carry things on their heads. In Togo women carry ANYTHING: a box, a loaf of bread, a pail full of water …


I should admit it is really practical, because they can take something else in their hands. Such ability helps women to earn for living: they can walk with the goods from place to place, so they can meat more customers. Besides you can carry more things at the same time and walk longer distances.

The woman was selling bottles of peanuts on the beach.

IMGP0954 - Version 2

I was in the balcony of the residence where we were staying. I noticed a woman selling some goods in the petrol station. After a man helped her to put the tray on the head, I was wondering, how she would take a yellow pail from the ground (usually women have a pail to put the tray during the selling procedure – they avoid putting the goods on the ground). And she took … with a foot. I ran into a room to take my camera. But I cached her only when she was going away.


Women also sell  the food they cook themselves. I saw this woman in the market in Notse.


There is some water in the pail to wash the hands before puting the food into the plate.


After selling the food, she continued looking for more customers

IMGP6331  IMGP6333

 Sales one of the most popular women’s occupation in Togo.


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