Do you remember the women who earn for living selling the goods? If not you can have a look here.

Swing is also very popular women’s occupation. I have seen many ateliers not only in the bigger towns but also in the villages.

Maybe the local famous fashion designers work here

IMGP6378 (1)

And who can create such dresses. By the way I saw these women on Sunday, the day when all try to have fun and go out to see others and to show themselves. I guess, that they were going to the beach.


The working conditions are not the best ones that supposed to be: old stuff, dark place. But nevertheless you can see big smile on the face.


Togo is a country of the sun, so it is always possible to take swing machine out to have enough light.



5 thoughts on “BUSINESS [ II ]

  1. I know the ladies at the sewing machine in Notse! I used to live there. They are always smiling. Your photos are lovely. Thank you for capturing the essence of the hard work of the women in this beautiful place.


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