Last year at the very beginning of summer with our friends we were enjoying the warm sunny weather in Vilnius Downtown. The streets were full of people. The great weather is a good opportunity for musicians. We meet two guys playing in the street. Usually I don’t stop to listen, but that day I could not pass. The musicians were playing METALLICA. Now I don’t remember what was the song, but they were playing incredibly good.


At the beginning kids were just curious. They were standing in front of and were listening. After putting some money into encasement the kids got some courage: they started “counting” the money…





…playing the ape…


Thank you guys for the fantastic music and you – kids – for your sense of freedom.


2 thoughts on “STREET MUSICIANS

  1. Ačiū, Ilona, kad apsilankei :).
    Kodėl rašau ne lietuviškai? Dėl to, kad dauguma lietuvių moka angliškai ir jeigu netingi paskaityti tai ir paskaito, be to teksto ne tiek ir daug – čia gi fotoblogas 🙂


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