Some time ago I attended photography classes and the teacher has told us that promenade with dogs is always full of interesting shots.  I kept this idea for more than 2 years. Finally one October Sunday I invited my friend for a walk with the intention to take some pictures of her dog.

Well… I am sure the teacher was right, but… In my case, I felt like beeing a sport photographer. My model Rilė was running most of the time and sooo fast, that I succeeded to take only several pictures, when it kept still.


A moment of playing friends.


After the swim in cold river water.


I had a wonderful time. Thanks to Renata and Rilė.


One thought on “New Experience – Dog’s photo session

  1. Ta Rilé yra be galo zavingas ir kartu juokingas modelis 🙂
    Gyvunus fotografuoti labai sunku, pati zinau… Jiem neisakysi: stovek va cia, ziurek va sitaip. Tavo nuotraukos labai grazios. Ir tokios jaukiai rudeninés 🙂


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