I met Sonata more than 3 years ago – thanks to our kids.

I never took a picture of her: she never asked and knowing that she doesn’t like to be photographed I never tried.

Some months ago she offered to do a photo session for her just for fun. We discussed about what kind of result we want. I had an image of her in my head – she is a strong, independent, successful woman, working a lot and being proud of what she is doing. My wish and aim was see and show another side  – as a romantic, fragile person. To tell you the truth I was really nervous before the photo session, because I always feel more responsibility working with people I know and especially with my friends. Nevertheless I was satisfied with the result:

IMGP3771 IMGP3774 IMGP3793 IMGP3799 IMGP3828

I discovered my friend’s side I never saw in her. Thank you, Sonata, for your work and giving the opportunity to explore you.

After the first try we got so exited that our project “Sides” developed from two parts to more. The results of second photo session raised so many questions, discussions that we even got lost… I will tell you about that next time. Stay with me.


2 thoughts on “SIDES: WHAT WE REALLY ARE? – [I]

  1. Labai grazi moteris. Portretai tokie sauleti.. Manau, ta jos trapuma, ta geruma ir romantiskuma Tau tikrai pavyko perteikti.
    Lauksiu kito karto 😉


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