The second photo session had to be more simple for me than the first one, because I was sure, I knew my friend and that image of her was soo strong, that I had no doubts about the success.

The results surprised me a lot.  I got lost. The questions came out – WHERE IS MY STRONG, BOSSY FRIEND? DO I REALLY KNOW HER?

IMGP4268 IMGP4259 IMGP4191-lensflare IMGP4256-CC-pastelHaze IMGP4217-CC-pastelHaze IMGP4231-CC-softpinkhaze

Sonata and me discussed a lot after seeing the results.

 …why haven’t different place, different clothes created formal atmosphere ? …is “strong woman’s” image just a mask? …is it me, who stocked on the romantic side of my friend ? … theses questions are still not answered.

This is not the end. I am going to continue this “investigation”  of both: my models and myself.


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