Recently I had a chance to take pictures of people, who don’t like being photographed. They needed some shots for a particular reasons. I should to admit it was a really challenging task for me.

Taking pictures of a teenager girl demanded a lot of energy. Everyone knows how self-critical girls can be, when they are 15 years old. There were moments, that I felt hopeless to have a couple of more or less good shots, because after my suggestions I used to hear “NO” or “NO WAY”… But finally after 2 meeting I have what I really like.


IMGP6100 (2) TeaTime


I am really grateful to this girl, I know from her birth, for TRUSTING ME AND GIVING CHANCE TO WORK TOGETHER. And I hope we will do more photo sessions with less stress and a lot of fun.


6 thoughts on “NEW EXPERIENCE – [I]

  1. Labai grazi mergaite, nuostabus portretai! Akys tokios svytincios, plaukai vejyje plaikstosi – tai zydinti jaunyste 🙂 Pasakyk tai, kuri siose nuotraukose, kad ji be galo zavi 🙂


  2. Vidurinis kadras ypatingas. Jokio banalumo, įprastų kaukių, mimikų, noro patikti… tarsi po kovos su fotografu, kai po kelių valandų būna išvargę abu, gynyba nukrenta …. taip ir sklando ore mintis…. na, fotografuok, štai kokia aš iš tiesų….

    Kitos dvi, tai gražios nuotraukos šeimos albumui, o ši – parodoms , konkursams, žurnalams 🙂 Ji tiesiog su turiniu, istorija, mintimis, kurias patys stebėtojai susikuria savo galvose :). Sėkmės toliau bendradarbiaujant 🙂


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