Summer of 2013 was the best during last 10 years. I can not remember if I ever felt so calm, peaceful. The life seemed completed with everything a person could want and need.

I spent a lot of time with my friend, who was a part of my fullness. We had a lot of activities together: concerts, movies, walking in the city, even attending  a music festival by the sea.

We used to come to the beach early in the morning while young people were still sleeping.


Before sunset we used to get energy from stones… waves… clouds…
IMGP7189-PerfectColor-SummerPeach IMGP7193-PerfectColor-Dramarama IMGP7191-PerfectColor-Dramarama

to enjoy the concerts during the nights



…after all, individual “conversation with the sea”… and who knows what it was about…


Thank you, Renata, for your support and all the influence you have made in my life.


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