These last days I started thinking that life resembles to the sea.When there is no wind, the sky is clear, the sea is calm, looks not so much dangerous.


And when we are relaxed, not expecting anything some miracles happen. A new wind changes our lives and it becomes more interesting, more exciting.IMGP3316VelvetColorBase-LifestylePink

They say we meet people for some reason. They teach us and they learn from us as well. Absolutely we leave a trace in one’s another hearts.IMGP3110-VlevetColorBase

However wind continues blowing. If it is not strong enough waves are too weak to wash up the traces and they are visible longer.


But nature is nature – wind changes, stronger waves reach the coast and make traces disappear


Very often it makes us sad. We can feel pity that we need to readapt for new situation. Nevertheless we just need to fly, when we feel we are ready to,


to be able to see from above, that finally the waves left for us something wonderful, that makes our lives richer.

IMGP3127-VCB-SummerSkin IMGP3154-VCB-SummerSkin

Also the waves prepared a new field for new people to meet and new trace to leave.


I want to thank everyone in my life for all the trace they have made.




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