The last month of spring started.

Like every year winter was a sleeping time for my camera and my wish to use it. Spring always reminds me that one period finished and another starts. Who knows what it will bring to us. But we all hope that everything will be better than before.

Simple things like rays of the sun, blooming fruit trees…IMGP5289-Bluebell-SoftWarmSunglow IMGP5328-BlebellIMGP5290-Bluebell-SoftWarmSunglow … the very first green leaves simply trying to unfold…

IMGP5300-bluebell-61 IMGP5323-bluebell-61

… even sunsets visible from the balcony of the home…

IMGP5309-Bluebell-41IMGP5336-Bluebell-61 … all these things make our hearts beat faster, the smiles light up our faces and all winter events stay so far away.

I want to thank all my friends who supported me and stayed for me during long and dark winter sadness.


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