20170930-IMG_4408 fbI started taking pictures at the age of 13. My friend and me attended photography classes for pupils. We photographed everything what we lived in and what was important for us. My father bought me photo camera ELEKTRA. I still have it and it is waiting for its time.

Era of automatic film cameras pushed photography aside, because pictures from labs didn’t excite me like a process of making pictures in the dark room. Friend’s encouragement, digital camera and computer returned photography into my life.

After the birth of my son Ray, photography became my daily activity. I wanted to capture every moment of Ray’s changes: keeping of his head, the first step, the first tooth and everything that it is important to mom. Ray is still my major model.

During the last 3 years I was taking pictures not only of my family. We were travelling to the countries that are really exotic to me and people I know. That’s why the wish to share the views I have seen appeared and I started this blog.

Thank you for visiting my photo world. Please, don’t hesitate to share your ideas by leaving a comment or writing an e-mail.

With love


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